Meta Confirms Blocking Europeans from Using Threads via VPN

Meta has confirmed that it is blocking users in Europe from accessing Threads, its standalone app for Instagram Close Friends, via VPN. The company said that this is because Threads is not yet available in most European countries.

Threads is currently unavailable in most European countries and we have taken further measures to prevent people from those countries accessing Threads, a Meta spokesperson said.

Europe continues to be a very important market for Meta and we hope to be able to bring Threads to more countries in the future.

The move comes as Meta faces increasing scrutiny from regulators in Europe. The Digital Markets Act (DMA), which is currently being negotiated by the European Parliament, would give regulators the power to block companies from using anti-competitive practices.

It is possible that Meta is blocking Europeans from using Threads via VPN in order to avoid violating the DMA. The DMA prohibits companies from using "unfair contractual terms" to prevent users from switching to competing services. By blocking Europeans from using Threads via VPN, Meta is ensuring that users in those countries cannot circumvent the fact that Threads is not yet available in their region.

It is unclear when Threads will be made available in more European countries. However, the company has said that it is "committed to bringing Threads to more people around the world."

Impact on Users

The blocking of Europeans from using Threads via VPN will impact users in a number of ways. First, it will prevent them from accessing the app altogether. Second, it will make it more difficult for them to stay in touch with their Instagram Close Friends. Third, it will send a signal to users that Meta is not committed to serving them in Europe.


The blocking of Europeans from using Threads via VPN is a significant development. It shows that Meta is willing to take steps to prevent users from circumventing its regional restrictions. It also raises questions about the company's commitment to serving users in Europe. Only time will tell how the DMA will impact Meta's business in Europe.

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