Main elements of Global village

This era is called digital era. Because, this age is completely depend on ICT. On this age ,one can communicate with other from far away through digital communication. World become a global village by using ICT. Here I describe About the elements of global village..

Main elements of Global village!


New technological innovations are revolutionizing the field of Communication. In the field of communication, it is possible to communicate with any part of the world through mobile phones, WhatsApp ,Facebook, Facebook messenger, Imo. The system can be divided into telecommunications and information and communication. 


Once upon a time ,only reliable means of communication was the telephone. Later, with the invention of wireless Telecommunications and connection, the use of telephone, mobile phone ,radio ,television, walkie-talkie in modern Telecommunication devices became ubiquitous..

Information communication

Transferring or sharing information while maintaining law and order is one of the most important issues in today's age of information and communication technology .For example, Internet and Internet based services like social networking, website, vedio conferencing, etc.
Email is a reliable means of communicating with one another through the internet. 


The process of holding a meeting through telecommunications is called Teleconferencing . This meeting is called teleconference. Various meetings and seminars can be communicated in group by teleconference at a distance. Any meeting or seminars is arranged from the connection through telecommunications system. Teleconference requires telephones, computer, audio, microphone or MIC ,speaker and necessary software. There are arrangements use in mobile phone nowadays..

Video conferencing

Using telecommunications technology, people in two or more geographical locations communicate and make decisions through conversations and seeing each other. This is called video conferencing. It is an international communication system. Anyone from one place to another or even from one country to another can do video conferencing through Internet connection. A popular medium for communications with teachers, students, doctors, patients, politicians, researchers  and even relatives. Video conferencing can be done easily using yahoo,Imo,what'sapp, goggle meet etc. Social networking sites. Video conferencing requires multimedia computer, camera, video capture card , modem and Internet based services or connection..

Reservation system

Reservation system is an application for communication . With the help of Internet we can reserve or book a seat from far away places. Seat can be reserved through online. A computer controlled system is set up here to sell tickets to travel to different parts of the airline or train at specific times..


In information and communication technology, employment is abbreviated as IT career. Modern information is first divided into two maybe computer related knowledge for another profession such as office executive. Nowadays office executives needs to know how to create email ,collect it, and how to save it to computer. The second complete is IT professional. It is the person, who will do the computer related work. For example we can talk about the network administrator who will set up and maintain the complete network at the office. Due to global village, you can now apply for a job anywhere in the world....There are many popular job portal given on the websites. Through the Web portal one can get enough info for applying a job anywhere in the world. 

Education sector

One can receive Education easily through distance learning. Taking educational benefits is easier than before using ICT nowadays. One can learn anything easily using Google meet, E-book, zoom, webinar etc.

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