ICT Dependent Production System

Today I am going to tell you about some significant role of ICT In production system.

Telecommunications services in production system

No Industry production system can be imagined today without Telecommunication. Large or small industries require communication with different people at different stages, from different suppliers or buyers. Telecommunications system is playing an important role in coordinating the production system. Services are being  introduced for industries and communication.

Internet on production system

Industrial production system without Internet is obsolete today. Internet has to be used in case of sending mail to different people for different purposes. Those whose organizations are located at different distances may even be scattered in different parts of the world. In this case, the internet based technologies help to maintain control over the organizations by bridging the gap.

Use of Robotics in industry

Computer aided Manufacturing (CAM) robotics is widely used. In particular, the use of robotics in car and vehicle manufacturing plants, labor welding factories, loading and unloading of heavy goods,etc.is noticeable.

Products Quality control

The quality of the products produced by the factory can be ascertained from the computer by verifying the data. Computer can also be used to check whether the equipment used in the production is working properly. Various types of chemicals factories, steel plants, power plants can be controlled with the help of computer. 

Collecting data

To ensure a peaceful place in industry, CT is needed to collect correct information and data.  Proper information of Temperature, using chemical resources etc. Information can be retained through computer. 

Ensuring a risk free environment in production

It is possible to reduce the risk of production by taking precautionary measures in the field of production using information technology.  In this case, the risk of accidents can be greatly reduced by implementing office automation systems. As a precautionary measure, information technology should be used to preserve the fingerprints, rerating etc. Of the workers in the database. Various automatic systems such as, automatic fire extinguisher, message delivery can be implemented.

The use of CAD Or CAM

The use of computer aided design  cards has removed the conventional sketch .And engineering drawings used to visualise products and communicate with design information has replaced computer graphics. On the other hand engineering designs are converted into finished products using computer. The manager assists the manufacturing engineering and production workers by automating the various types of production activities of the computer. 

Contribution of defense industry

Defense industry is one of the economic units of the country .They have developed and expanded their defense industry so much that they are exporting all weapons to other countries. There is strong link between ICT and defense industry. 

Use of virtual reality

Ict Is currently playing an important role in building a skilled workforce using virtual reality. They are creating skilled manpower in the development of the country. 

Industrial production system of today's world is almost entirely dependent on information and communication technology. From the very beginning of creation  of any product to the design, procurement, use, production  and marketing of raw materials, there has always been information and communication technology involvement in one way or another. Computers are the main collaborators of people in industries. The use of information technology in the field of equipment, design, equipment control etc. Has brought success...Moreover the importance of ICT In online payments for various types of online trading business is now immense...

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