Load Shedding Fect

Electricity is the key driving force of the current world. Continuous and uninterrupted supply of electricity ensures the smith function of daily activities in all speheres of life. However, the failure of electricity at present has become a matter of concern to us. 

Normal life comes to a halt for load shedding. It is a bitter truth that acote shortage in the supply of electricity is incurring a big loss in all social and economic institutions across the country. The supply of electricity is less than the required in our locality. Student's cannot concentrate on their study. They are in a helpless situation.

Load shedding has added salt to the injury to the smooth operation of the health complex here . In addition to this , the production at the sugar mills has faced the bottom due to it. The people are now passing a critical moment for this. The problems have frequently been brought to the attention of the local authority , which actually produced no result . 

The problems need immediate measures for a way out the overall welfare of the locality and and the people living here . To conclude, we do hope authority will take all urgent steps for the greater interest of the people without any delay.

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