Food habits of people in villages and cities in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of villages. There are 85 thousand villages in our country. Apart from villages, there are many towns in our country as well. In fact, the country and the town folks together constitute our population. Bangladesh has a rich cultural heritage.

Eating habit, being a part of this culture, is rich and varied with the use of many spices. Rice is our staple food . It is served boiled with a variety of vegetables, curry, lentil soup,fish and meat. Fish is another principal items of food next to boiled rice . Boiled rice and fish are common to both rural and urban people. 

Polao is another item of food common to both rural and urban people. Again, there are some foods like snakes, sweet, pithas etc.  Which are enjoyed by both urban and rural people . However, the village people mostly like pithas, date juice, chira, muri, khai etc. While the town's people mostly like snakes, sandwich, burger, singers, somucha, etc.

 Nowadays, the modern people in our country are fond of different varieties of fast foods like shwarma, grill, fried chicken, french fries etc. That is to say, the rural and urban people vary in their choices of food items in our country.

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