What is data security? Data Security

Data is very important issue for any Organization and in many cuses data confidentiality is important. In that case, the use of confidential data by anonymous persons should not be allowed. Intruder causes a variety of problems by Changing, Augmenting or Adding these messages or Information. When sending confidential message or transaction information over the Internet.

The intruder attempts to embezzle or transmitting information related to transaction. This poses a major threat tobthe online banking system and e-Commerce variouse laws have been enacted and are being implemented to prevent such malpractices.

Besides, the system has been improved a lot by apllying different types of technology. For example:- firewall are used in software or hardware to prevent unauthorised persons or unauthorised intruders from entering the system.

Data is encrypted and sent for data security. The message is later recovered decrypting the data at the destination. As a result, it is difficult for intruder to know or change the correct information or message. Encrypting and decrypting data is called cryptography.

The inputs that we give to any organization or any website are usually easy to understand, but when we encrypt the data, the data we input is changed and the data base is saved otherwise. As a result, even if an unspecified person enters the database, he or she will not receive accurate information from us because encrypted data is not comprehensible.

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