Bangladesh at a Glance By Mony

 Bangladesh is one the south Asian nations the world map.It is surrounded by India by  three sides of the south nations.

It became independent 1971 through a bloody war of nine months. Dhaka is capital of it. It's land area is 1,47,570 square kilometers and it's population is about 160 millions.

It is a land of rivers. The big rivers are the padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna, the kornofuli etc. It's soil is very fertile . Different kinds of crops like rice, jute, wheat, potatoes, tea and many kinds of fruits like mango, Jackfruit, pine-apple and other juicy fruits are grown here.

Different communities live here in peace and happiness. The natural scenery of our country is very charming and it assumes in different colors in different seasons. Bangladesh is a darling child of nature. Nature has decorated our country with her beauty and glamorour. We have losts of tourists spots and attractive places like cox's Bazar, the Sundarbans, paharpur, Foyes-lake, Kuakata etc. We have glorious past and cultural heritage. As no other country in the world is as beautiful as our loving county, I love my country very much and feel proud of it.

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